Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lancaster Christian Writers Meets Saturday, May 24th: NOTE THIS IS 4TH, NOT 3RD SATURDAY!!

Mark your calendars for Lancaster Christian Writers’ MAY meeting on Saturday, May 24th, 2014, at Lancaster Alliance Church, 210 Pitney Rd (off Hwy 30 across from Costco) from 9:30AM-12 noon ((registration opens at 9). Please note that this is the 4th Saturday of month, rather than usual 3rd (due to a conference occupying facility on 17th). A calendar was sent out some months ago, but if you are like me, you may likely have forgotten that changed date.

WORKSHOP—“Q&A With The Experts”: Did you come away from SS2014 with as many questions as answers? Have a query that’s been burning your tongue all year? This month’s meeting is YOUR chance to ask questions and get answers. Whether fiction, journalism, editing, self-publishing, finding an agent or any other category of writing, bring your question. If you are struggling with your latest WIP (Work-In-Progress), bring it along as well. If your quandary applies to the group as whole, you may share it during the Q&A. OR request a private consultation with one of our experts during the usual peer critique session.

Fielding questions will be Jeanette Windle and Lisa Bartelt as well as the joint body of LCW members (so bring your answers and expertise along with your questions!). Jeanette Windle is an author of 16 fiction titles as well as a 20 year veteran of mission journalism, senior editor of BCM World magazine, as well as proprietor of J.M. Windle Manuscript Service. Lisa Bartelt spent 8 years working for daily newspapers as a reporter and copy editor in Chicago before moving to Lancaster, PA. She is now a freelance writer whose work has appeared in curriculum for Group Publishing, in devotional compilations, and in Thriving Family and Prayer Connect magazines, and an avid blogger whose writing appears regularly on her own site, http://lmbartelt.wordpress.com and at Putting On the New (http://puttingonthenew.com) as well as in guest posts elsewhere on the Web.

CRITIQUE GROUPS: We will be holding the regular peer critique groups after the Q&A. So bring 10 copies of no more than 1500 words and share your WIP with the group.

JUNE MEETING: LCW’s final meeting before breaking for the summer will be held Saturday, June 21st. Social media experts (and LCW members) Lisa Bartelt and Alison McLennan will be sharing a workshop: “The 100% Surefire Guaranteed Secret to Blogging Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.” Sounds good, right? If only it were that easy! But don’t fret! LCW members Alison McLennan and Lisa Bartelt, both experienced bloggers, will share some beginning tips for bloggers during this workshop including tips for effective blogging and how to set up a blog on a free site.

SUPER SATURDAY 2014: And just a brief update if you happened to miss our SS2014 on April 12th. It was a wonderful day, perfect weather, with record attendance of about 85 conferees plus faculty. Thank you all who volunteered with registration and set-up.

As always, more info can be found at our LCW blog: http://lancasterchristianwriterstoday.blogspot.com Or email questions or concerns to jeanette@jeanettewindle.com