Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lancaster Christian Writers September News/Writing Opportunities

What a wonderful kickoff we had to the Lancaster Christian Writers calendar year with over 70 turning out last Saturday for Dr. Amy Deardon's excellent clinic on eBook publishing. For the first time ever, I personally feel I could follow directions and get a book up on Kindle all by myself. Thank you, Amy, and thank you, Marlene Bagnull, for bringing Greater Philly Christian Writers conference bookstore all the way here to share with our members.

For those who missed the clinic or found the info overwhelming (everything about ePublishing in two hours is definitely a fast pace; one attendee described it as trying to drink from a fire hose), no problem. You can contact Amy directly to request her entire PowerPoint presentation on CD or her services (very reasonable) to convert your manuscript to eBook for you at: ( OR

Our next monthly meeting is Saturday, October 20th, details to come. We WILL be taking some follow-up questions regarding ePublishing that didn't Our speaker schedule is filling up quickly, but if you do have a speaker or workshop to suggest, please do send it along ASAP. Also, we have openings to share a devotional from November on; if you would like to get on the calendar for that, get your bid in soon.

Meanwhile TWO new industry opportunities have been forwarded to Lancaster Christian Writers members. I hope you will take advantage if any of the below applies to you.

1. First, if you are UNDER 20 years old, write for youth, or know a young writer to whom you can pass this on, editor Patti Shene, Division Manager, YA and Children's Imprints, Written World Communications and Executive Editor Starsongs Magazine (many of you may have met her on faculty at GPCWC a month back) sends the following shout-out:

"Immediate need for original short stories, articles, poetry, essays artwork or photography relating to the following subjects: Veterans Day, orphans, loss of loved one. Magazine is general market publication for kids by kids. Author must be below the age of 20 yrs. Contact Patti Shene at ( for guidelines and further information.

ALSO, immediate need for short stories, articles, poetry, or essays for new teen Christian magazine. Current theme is honesty and integrity. For further information, contact Patti Shene at ( ."

2. Second, if you are looking for some reasonable marketing opportunities for your books, John Riddle, author, speaker and founder of  I Love To Write Day gave opportunity a month or so back to LCW members to list titles in the 2013 Family Friendly Book Directory offers the below additional offer to LCW members:

"Our "Family Friendly Book Directory" is just about ready to send out! Recently you might have received a promotional offer from us to become a "Lifetime Author Sponsor" of I Love To Write Day. A few authors signed up, but I did hear back from lots of others.  They reminded me that we are still in the middle of the great recession, and that $$ is tight for lots of people today. With that in mind, I am happy to announce I have REDUCED THE PRICE to become a "Lifetime Author Sponsor," and even added a FEW MORE BENEFITS!

1. FREE paid ad in ALL future ILTWD Directories: Twice a year we will publish a "Family Friendly Book Directory;" we will also publish a "Books for the Holidays" directory and a "Summery Reading Directory."  (And more people are signing up to receive our your book will receive "lots of exposure!") The FREE paid ad includes the book cover and 5 lines of copy for ALL of your books! (Including future ones....)
2. FREE article/book review about your book in all of the above directories.  (You can supply an article/review, or we can create one for you!)
3. FREE press release distribution.  Whenever you need a press release sent out about your books, just let me know.  Through my ILTWD program I have an extensive editorial contact list of media outlets, publications, bloggers and Websites that feature books and authors.  PLUS, I am a member of TWO major PR news services, and can distribute your press release through their contacts as well.  You can supply the press release; but if you need help writing it, just ask!
4. FREE listing in our new "Author Sponsor Page" on the official I Love To Write Day site at
5. FREE info about you and your book included in our "Welcome to I Love To Write Day" message people receive when they sign up for ILTWD through our Website or e-mail.
6. FREE bragging rights as a "Lifetime Author Sponsor" of I Love To Write Day!  Your friends and family will be impressed!  :)

The new and improved price to become a “Lifetime Author Sponsor” is $99.  But wait…you can save some additional $$ if you come on board within 24 hours…pay only $75.  For one low price, PR for your books (now and future ones!) are on the road to success! Proceeds from sponsorships help us to reach out to more schools and students. "When people become stronger writers, they become better communicators...and everyone wins!" You can pay via Pay Pal or send a check.  My Pay Pal e-mail address is:  I can send you an Invoice via Pay Pal, or you can make the payment directly on their Website.  (Holler if you have never used Pay Pal before.)  You can also send a check to: John Riddle, P.O. Box 40, Bear, Delaware 19701"

Thank you for your time and consideration.
John Riddle
I Love To Write Day

 AND just to finish off with a smile:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lancaster Christian Writers Fall Kickoff This Saturday, Sept. 15th, with Epublisher Amy Deardon

Lancaster Christian Writers 2012 Fall Kickoff is now just around the corner this coming Saturday, September 15th, with ebook publisher Dr. Amy Deardon at Lancaster Evangelical Free Church, 419 Pierson Rd, Lititz, PA, 17543 from 9:30AM-12 noon (registration opens at 9). Admission is FREE!!! So help us pass on this wonderful opportunity to other writers who might be interested. (You can do this by posting this link on your social networks)
Dr. Amy Deardon's full morning clinic, You Can E-Publish Your Book, covers the A-Z of do-it-yourself e-publishing. Amy shares, "E-books are the new publishing trend, generating about twice as much sales revenue in 2011 as print books (Publishers Weekly, Feb 27 2012). Independent publishing (through e-books) has never been easier or cheaper for small publishers and individuals, and has the potential to generate impressive passive income. This is a step-by-step workshop to learn how to find good topics, how to format and publish your e-book for Amazon's Kindle and B&N's Nook, and how to optimize book listings to generate sales."

A research scientist and author, Dr. Amy Deardon describes herself as a self-confessed skeptic who undertook a year-long investigation aimed at debunking the biblical claims of a resurrected Savior. That quest led her instead to personal faith in Jesus Christ. Her sci-fi time travel novel A Lever Long Enough named winner of the 2009 Pluto Award and 2011 EPIC eBook Award. Amy founded her own publishing company, Taegais Publishing LLC, in 2008, and currently publishes and e-publishes books. She can be reached through her websites at and

Marlene Bagnull, director Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers, will also be bringing her conference bookstore, including a wide variety of writer, ebook, and other publishing resources. And for LCW members who just can't wait another month to share their own work, a peer critique session will be offered directly following the morning clinic. Guidelines at LCW Blog:

Lancaster Christian Writers welcomes writers of all churches and denominations and of all levels, from published authors to beginning free-lancers. For more information,  As always, regular news bulletins for LCW can be found at our blogsite Lancaster Christian Writers Today (please check blog first): OR for additional questions, contact LCW president Jeanette Windle at

Until Saturday.

Jeanette Windle
President, Lancaster Christian Writers