Thursday, November 12, 2015

LCW Welcomes Industry Expert Mike Gaines Saturday, November 21, 2015

Join Lancaster Christian Writers Saturday, November 21, 2015, 9:30AM-12 noon (registration opens at 9AM) at Lancaster Alliance Church, 210 Pitney Road, Lancaster, PA (right off HWY 30 near Costco) in welcoming industry expert Mike Gaines for an interactive workshop that can help authors avoid publishing pitfalls and detours.

SPEAKER: Mike Gaines served in full-time ministry before transitioning to become a Zondervan sales representative for over a decade, until 2012. He worked primarily with independent Christian bookstores, and his territory reached literally from coast to coast. As part of the world’s leading Bible company during one of the most challenging and controversial periods in its history, he had a front-row seat to witness some of the people, events and movements that helped shape the publishing industry. He currently lives in Lancaster, PA, where he serves as Sales Manager for Little Mountain Printing, a family-owned small business known as home to a favorite local publication called The Fishwrapper.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: “Surfing the Swamp”.  Christian retail could be termed an “evolving door” authors must pass through to get their work to a waiting world, and it has changed with head-spinning speed over the last few years. How do publishers decide what to publish and how to promote it? Are retailers the “gatekeepers” they used to be? A veteran retailer once called Mike Gaines his “swamp guide” because of how murky the supply chain can seem without a dependable partner. Mike’s experienced advice can help you avoid hazards and detours that bog authors down as he shares his own experiences representing a publishing powerhouse to retailers all along the success spectrum.

CRITIQUE GROUPS: And don't forget to bring your latest work-in-progress from this summer for critique groups (ten copies up to 1500 words).

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Jeanette Windle
President, Lancaster Christian Writers