Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lancaster Christian Writers Welcomes Speaker and Journalist Dona Fisher This Saturday, Nov. 17th

A reminder that Lancaster Christian Writers November meeting is now right around the corner this Saturday, November 17, 2012, at Lancaster Evangelical Free Church, 419 Pierson Rd, Lititz, PA, 17543 from 9:30AM-12 noon (registration opens at 9). We are delighted to welcome speaker and columnist Dona Fisher, whom many of you may recognize as director of Lancaster's National Day of Prayer Event. Dona will be sharing a workshop:  "Write It From A Prayerful Heart".

A native of Lancaster, PA, Dona Fisher serves as Vice President of Friendship Foundation, Inc. which provides Christian outreach events including the non-denominational Change of Pace Bible Studies of which she has been director for 37 years.  She also chairs the annual Lancaster County National Day of Prayer. Among other publishing credits, Dona has written a column for the Matters of Faith section of Lancaster Sunday News since 2003.  Dona shares about this workshop, "Nothing more intimidating than a full mind and a empty page. Learn to be aware, ponder, deposit those thoughts, pray fully dependent, and desperately in need of cultivating God's viewpoint. Think in parables-earthly stories with heavenly meanings."


1. Looking for Devotional Speakers: We still have openings for devotional speakers this month through end of year. Guidelines: a 5-10 minute devotional related to writers/writing. If you would be interested in sharing THIS SATURDAY, or in future months, please contact me ASAP.

2. Critique Groups: Following the workshop will be our regular critique session. A reminder to follow LCW guidelines of bringing 10 copies no more than 1500 words.

3. December meeting: As has become tradition, our December speaker (Saturday, Dec. 15th) will be YOU. Share a poem, drama, reading 3-5 minutes (maximum 700 words). Please let me know if you want to participate so as to get you on the list.

4. Holiday Bazaar: Also we will be featuring our Holiday Bazaar both November and December meetings, so if you would like to bring your books to sell or pick up a personalized autographed title for that family member or friend, here is your opportunity.

And on a personal note, thank you all who prayed for my travel to Nairobi, Kenya, this past month in Littworld 2012, the global Christian publishing/writer conference that takes place every three years on shifting continents (www.littworld.org). My two suitcases of materials for publishers and conference arrived safely as did I. Littworld itself was the largest to date with almost 200 delegates from exactly 50 countries. Argentina, Burundi, Cameroon, Denmark, Egypt, France, Ghana, Hungary, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia were just an alphabet sample of the parade of nations with every continent represented including the world's most populous countries of mainland China and India and the planet's newest nation of South Sudan. LCW member Terry Webb, who has done extensive ministry in Kenya, was also present so Lancaster Christian Writers was well represented. For more on this wonderful ministry of raising up Christian publishers/writers around the planet, check out: www.littworld.org. Or my recent photo albums if you are on FaceBook.

Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday. And don't forget your titles for the Holiday Bazaar.

Jeanette Windle
President, Lancaster Christian Writers