Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December News/Writing Opportunity

Dear Lancaster Christian Writers:

What a talented group we have? Much thanks to those of you who took time to share your writing with the rest of us last Saturday. To all, a Merry Christmas. We will meet for the first time in 2012 on Saturday, January 21st. Journalist and editor Jeannette Scott will be sharing a workshop with us (details later).

MEANWHILE if you can speak to the topics of mourning or peacemaking, a devotional writing opportunity has been offered to the LCW group from author and speaker Emily Chase (Emily has spoken twice for our Super Saturday conferences). The submission turnaround is short, so note the deadline below. If you do want to submit, but need a bit of writing time, DO consider dropping Emily an email to let her know your devotional is in the pipeline. SEE DETAILS BELOW.

FROM EMILY CHASE: "Jeanette - Here's a quickie writing opportunity for LCW.  Our church (West Shore E. Free) is planning to produce a book of Lenten devotionals based on the Beatitudes. They have assigned me 20 devotionals on the two beatitudes about "blessed are those who mourn..." and "blessed are the peacemakers..." and I'm supposed to recruit several other people to help get those 20 done by Jan. 10th, at the latest by the 15th. I'm guessing there may be LCW members who have something they wrote some time in the past about mourning or about peacemaking that might easily be tweaked to fit this project.

GUIDELINES: Each devotional should begin with a brief scripture reference (2-3 verses) related to the topic of the beatitude. (I need to know which passage you pick so that we don't all overlap.) Any translation (no paraphrases) would be acceptable. Then there should be a brief devotional thought about the passage, from 200-300 words. Lastly add a brief prayer to close it out. Note the repetition of the word brief in each category. :-) 

This is a for-the-love market opportunity. You would get honor, glory, a copy of the book, and your brief bio would appear at the end of the book Lemme know if anyone is interested! Thanks! - Emily  (echase@messiah.edu)" 

And I hope you have Saturday, March 24, 2012, marked firmly on your calendar for Super Saturday 2012 at Lancaster Bible College. We hope to have a flyer to you by early January. As always, the success of SS depends on you, the members of LCW. So if you have any ideas where we can publicize this event, please consider helping us among your own social network.

Finally, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the Babe in the manger, Jesus, Christ, Emmanuel, God With Us, the Morning Star, whose celebration this really is shine His light and joy into your home this Christmas season.

Serving with joy the King of Kings,
Jeanette Windle
President, Lancaster Christian Writers