Friday, August 19, 2011

LCW: Greater Philly Followup/Janet Parshall's In the Market/Aaron's Books

Dear Lancaster Christian Writers:
What an incredible conference Greater Philly turned out to be this last week. It was a pleasure to see SO many LCW members there, including many I had no idea were even planning to be there (you know who you are!). Another pleasure was chatting with many within the driving radius who DIDN'T know about LCW and are now planning to join with us this fall. All to say, I hope you've marked your calendar for Saturday, September 17th, with Dave Fesseden and Mike Dellosso and each third Saturday of the coming year. To this point at least half the months are already filled with some wonderful workshop leaders.
Aaron's Books: Regarding Aaron's Books, MANY of you (I don't know who was more surprised at the response, owner Todd Dickenson or I) have taken advantage of his very generous offer to feature a special LCW section as local authors (downtown Lititz). It was great to see the books being checked in for display (including my own). May I encourage you now (especially if you have books there) to make Aaron's Books known to your own social network and even visit now and then yourselves.
Janet Parshall's In the Market: On a personal note, I will be interviewing this afternoon 5:30 EST on Janet Parshall's In the Market, which airs on more than 700 stations with Moody Broadcasting, on my new Tyndale title Freedom's Stand, Afghanistan, freedom of faith, and more. If you get Christian radio, I'd love to invite you to listen in (you can also listen on Internet). Otherwise, if you think of it, please pray for me as this is by far the biggest interview I've done, and I will admit to some trepidation. :)
Meanwhile, I travel to India Friday for a 10-day ministry trip and will be largely out of contact, back August 29. Looking forward to seeing many of you this fall.
Jeanette Windle
President, Lancaster Christian Writers